Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this service free?

As long as the customer uses a Builder that pays a commission to the selling Broker, the service is free to the customer. The builder pays the commission and the customer benefits by hiring a Real Estate Agent that provides this high level of service.

I am thinking about purchasing a new home or a re-sale and selling my current home. Can a BuilderPro Consulting Specialist help me with all real estate transactions or just new construction?

Only licensed Real Estate Sales Professionals qualify to become BuilderPro Certified. These professionals typically offer a full range of real estate services, not just new construction home sales.

How do I know if my Real Estate Professional is BuilderPro Certified?

We maintain a data base of all Certified BuilderPro Consulting Specialists. Simply contact us with the name of your Real Estate Professional and we will let you know.

How do I find a BuilderPro Consulting Specialist to work with?

Simply contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a BuilderPro Consulting Specialist in the area you are interested in.

Does it cost me anything to work with a BuilderPro Consulting Specialist?

No. As long as the Builder pays a commission, the services of a BuilderPro Specialist is provided at no cost to the customer.

Have additional questions?

We'd be happy to answer.